In 2014, companies spent 14 percent more for their portion of healthcare premiums than they did three years ago, according to CNN Money. Premiums for the year averaged $9,560 per worker.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that:

  • 75 percent of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent to treat chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis among others.
  • Nearly one in live with one chronic disease
  • Chronic diseases are among the most preventable and treatable of all health problems
  • Tobacco use, insufficient exercise, poor eating habits and excessive alcohol use – all modifiable behaviors- are responsible much of the illness, disability and premature death related to chronic diseases.

Let us help reduce these statistics in your organization with our wellness services that include:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Personal Health Records
  • Onsite blood work and biometric screenings
  • Health education topics tailored to your employees needs
  • Executive physicals
  • Onsite clinics